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What's New in Above & Beyond 2012

New features:

1. Surf Log. When you mark done an item or insert a surprise item, AB will create a note (if none exists for the item) that contains the titles of all the web pages you have browsed to since the last time such a note was created. Only Chrome and IE are supported. This provides supporting details for your done tasks -- detailed archival info for later reference. Additionally, all web pages viewed while AB running are logged to files in a subfolder of the AB data folder called "surf history." There is one file per day. Only pages that are in the foreground for 5 seconds or more will be logged.

 2. Progress Indicator. The main window appears immediately instead of after the data has been loaded. The progress of loading data at start up is displayed.



o Workload Balancing. Various enhancements.
Sharing of Schedules over Network made more robust
o Global List.Various enhancements.
o Priority List. Various enhancements.
o Sorting of schedule appointments and range-bound tasks
o F4 has replaced Alt+F5 since it is such a frequent command.
o autoexec, exec and webconnect invoked on F5 are ignored on F4 and Alt+F5.
o Project matching for surprise items
o Symbol for "continued" (&) added on Start or alt+Start of a Done item.
o Alt+arrow quick duration adjustment default increments be 10-minutes when under 10-minutes, instead of 5-minute increments; There is still an option in Preferences for 1-minute increments in all cases.
o Toolbar stays on. Some users accidentally switched it off and didn't know how to restore.
o The "Optimize" label in Preferences has been replaced with "Autosort." Same function.
o The "AutoPilot" label in Preferences has been replaced with "Autobalance." Same function.
o The first price change in 10 years. Prices have dropped 30% on our various configurations. New Pro licenses are $99. Pro upgrades $49. This is due to lower technical support costs as Above & Beyond becomes exceedingly stable. This year we celebrate 20 years since Above & Beyond 1.0 was released in 1992.


Bug fixes:

o Attached Notes unique identifiers assured. This affected users who had scheduled more than 32,000 items over the years.
o Fixed a bug that was causing undone memos to be scheduled before last done item. This fix only affects PRO users.
o Fixed a bug in Autobalance that was causing the selection bar to be moved to an overdue or due-today floating task in today's schedule. This could make it possible to think you're rescheduling the selected item using the pop up calendar, and reschedule a different one before you realize the selection bar has moved on its own. This only affects PRO users who had Autobalance (pka AutoPilot) on.

What was new in Above & Beyond 2010


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