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What's New in Above & Beyond 2010

New features:

1. Global List. The Global List contains undated items that do not appear in a schedule and can be quickly referenced, e.g., bank balances, shopping lists, goals, packing lists, websites, passwords. Items in the Global List can have a Project setting and attached Notes. Use Ctrl+L or View:Global List to bring up the Global List. It can also be selected with the old Browse Notes button on the Toolbar. You can use F11 to launch a website whose URL is in an item title. The Global List can also be reordered with the mouse!

 2. Dynamic Lists. Any Note attached to an item can be viewed as a List, and reordered with your mouse much like the tasks in the Schedules View. Great for arranging items based on their priority, value or temporal sequence. From a Note window's menu, click on List. To edit, delete or add text, click on Text.

3. Months Option to select only certain Months of the year in the dialog box for a Recurring item, e.g., you might only want an item scheduled in summer months, or particular months, e.g., Apr, Jun, Sep and Jan.

4. New Views: Recurring Items, Recently Inserted Items, Recently Edited Items.

5. Suspend select recurring items. Use this to temporarily remove a recurring item from the schedules, but keep it available in the event you want to later put it back in your schedule. Use Alt+Delete to suspend an item in your schedule, and Alt+Delete again to unsuspend (while viewing the item in View:Suspended Items). This command is also found in the Edit:Item Properties menu.


1. Enhancements to Workload Balancing.

2. When a Schedule Item is Started, any already Started Items are automatically marked Done.


Video Demonstration of What's New in Above & Beyond 2010


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