New Features


A new Urgent cube feature option replaces the Marval cube in the schedule display. Pro mode only. You can toggle urgent on/off by clicking the cube area. It's just to the left of the project cube. There are 3 colors:


Click = Green

Shift+Click = Yellow

Ctrl + Click = Red


Use the same command to reverse. The intended use: Red is treated as urgent. Yellow as needing attention and Green as easy.


For those Laptops that lack an Insert key, the apostophe key, ' will work as well to Insert an item.


In Pro mode, the Tab key can be used to quickly move an item to tomorrow. It's an alternative to the ctrl+right_arrow key.


Added totally robust pak file sharing across LANs and even Internet clouds. Cloud sharing.


Drag and drop Note list items between open Notes in List mode!


Daily backups are made to backup2 folder of .pak and archive files. This happens immediately after the archive file is updated.





Enhanced Adjust Done handling so that appointments that are marked done before begin time have their begin time adjusted accordingly.


Added support for Windows 10 on Priority List display.


Main window position is remembered and restored on re-launch.


More seamless and robust schedule sharing.


No longer is there a limit of one Note List window open at a time. Now you can have up to 20 note lists open at once.


Automatically, promptly reschedule newly reduced marval items from today's sched. Previously only those tasks in the first 100 items in the Priority List were rescheduled upon changes on today's sched.


Several rarely used settings removed from general Define Item dialog box. Prereq, Lag Days, Lag duration, Case #.


Import and Export commands enhanced to prompt with File Open or Save dialog box.


Advanced Command>Delete Duplicates enhanced so it only deletes undone items.


The background function RenameAnyCopiesToPreventWindowsDefect() has been recoded bc the way it was probably didn't allow for renaming (n) copies. Now it will simply remove all copies after informing the user.


Changed the Less/More Workload accelerator keys. See Juggle Menu. Also enhanced it bc it wasn't holding the change when Autobalance was on. Now, it adjusts Today's Free Reserve by 10 minutes w each key stroke.


The Notebook aka "Address Book" is no longer supported and is removed from Worktools menu. It runs on current 32-bit Windows 7, but not 64 bit. It can be launched independently on current 32-bit Windows systems. The file is NB.exe.


Put the "Address Book" back in the Worktools menu in both Lite and Pro modes.


Enhanced sharing of alarms so that if a user of a shared schedule that has change access does not respond within 60 seconds, change access is relinquished so that another active user is not blocked from making changes.


Autosort skipped while saving in progress or there are unsaved changes.


Added a prompt the first time new user runs that asks if they want to watch the demo. it goes to demo.htm on 1soft.com.


An additional check in the background function IsChangeAccessOurs() based on knowing when the lock file was created. If a PC was frozen out for a time and someone else came in an created a lock file, it could then detect this so that their changes don't get overwritten by the lag.


Added restriction that LITE users cannot share schedules wo getting error message each refresh:


To share schedules, you need to be in PRO mode.


Status of checked boxes in recurring definition dlg box made clearly visible. weekly, monthly and which months of the year.


Enhance done of appointments so it will account for intervening done items and adj begin time and len accordingly.


In cases of tenacious rename failing, it will copy .tmp to .pk2 in datafolder.


When sharing your schedule on the network, the symbol "%" is displayed when AB on another user's PC is reading the data you are sharing.



Bug Fixes


Fixed AB minimized bug where it used 15 - 30% of cpu. This occurred only with Windows 10.


Fixed Timespace page up/down scrolling.


Fixed flashing of sched view (repeated screen writing) that sometimes occured during background balance.


Fixed: Selection task changed to an overdue item or a due-today item - hazardous. Easy to right popcal or delete wrong item. It was bc if RescheduleOutliers() calls RescheduleFluidAct() and the item is at or after deadline, it will then call ScheduleTask(), which is ow not called during Balancing. And it sets curtask, which alters the sel bar. The solution was to create and employ a new flag called bLockSelectionAct that will be checked  b4 setting curtask in ScheduleTask().


Fix bug: if you pressed F5 or F11 on an item with an url that had a previous instance, and thereby an '&' at the end it would not go to the website. Now the & is ignored.


Fix: when you insert an item (not a done item) it should not pull in the surf log. The CopySurfLog2Note() call was moved out of InsertItem and calls to CopySurfLog2Note to InsertSurprise() and ArchiveOK() were added.


Partially fixed the bug of the TimeGraph (aka TimeBar) not displaying automatically when AB restarted and it had been open in the last session. Now, it can be reopened manually by using the hot key ^G.


Removed the code that increments a counter that gets reported as "Windows DST bug."


Fixed UTILACTS523 that would occur if the first thing you did when AB launched is insert a surprise. ActNoteID() was not handling null, which would occur for CopySurfLog2Note() initially. Checking for null hAct in ActNoteID() was added.


Removed "Move to Top Ctrl+Home" from Note menu. IDM_MOVE2TOP has not yet been implemented.


Fixed install script. INNO doesn't replace files if not new version, unless you flag ignoreversion, which was added.


Fixed recent.lst; was failing to update in c:\program files\... so switched to keeping it in public documents


Fix recent files. Was not reading from new location when updating.


Create backup2 folder if it doesn't exist.


When use acceleration keys to increment down in duration from 10-min, it drops by 1, not 5.


Changed AccessAbandoned so that instead of 60 seconds, it waits 30 secs.


Fixed: rank not displayed in define dlg. It was failing and showing Rank 0 whenever there were 0 marval items at top of Plist view. The bug was in EstimateRank(). No users reporting this problem. It's been an issue for a few years, since items were sorted with no marval to the top for safety and to allow for deferring the decision until later on what the marval should be.


Fixed: newly inserted items wo notes had note icon appearing.


Fix: Surprise len bug likely caused by re-setting the curtask after a background bal, just b4 surprise len is set. No, the solution was to explicitly ensure curtask is the surprise item by adding code to InsertSurprise().


Fixed bug: if typed in a # greater than 24 for the alarm Hours, the error would keep repeating until you killed app w task mgr.


Fixed the Note List delete item orphan problem.


Fixed: When you use Shift+Up to bring in floaters, it changed the workload bal free reserve for today to 23 hours! (went below zero).